Thursday, February 3, 2011

a crush on red barns (bekah grace photography)

i looooove red barns. a lot a lot. each time we drive by one i scream. :) really ask my dad

they are just soo pretty, and sometimes old, faded... and they make nice backrounds

the barn above is that the agg. farm. this was photo shoot i did back in the summer. it is red. a newer, less antique look

the one above there is at the monacacy battle field trail... it is older and has stone..!!!!!

 so do you know of any cool barns in the area? :) haha just so you know, i love asking questions after my post... it makes it complete :) hehe


Becca said...

Hey! Great post!! Yes red barns are awesome photoshoot places :D

Sara said...

I love red barns too! They're gorgeous. I love the open space in the first shot!

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