Wednesday, February 9, 2011

music album photos

so lately i've been into music... pandora and grooveshark (as i make this post,  i'm listening) :D
but, i have noticed the pictures on the front of the albums. there are some i realllllllly like. 

1. Carrie Underwood- Play On

so what i love about this picture is is the soft lighting, composition, and the flowers :) the way the chair is in the picture is cool. (and she is modest!! bonus!!) :) haha

2. Sara Bareilles- Little Voice

ok, this one is just cool. can you tell? she is super pretty too, so that helps :) i love that every detail is perfect in this one. her hand position, her eyes, and you can tell she is slightly smiling.  it's kinda vintage... which i loooooove!!!!!!! (plus i love her voice)

3. Keith and Kristyn Getty- In Christ Alone

awwww... this is just cute. i love the back round, nice and simple. the one thing that is odd to me is that mr. getty is in the back round... hmmmm :)

4. Taylor Swift- Fearless

ok, so i know i'm gonna get killed for this... but it reminds me of the one below of hannah... haha people say she looks like taylor swift, too. :)

note- i have listened to most of the songs by these artist, but i cannot say i recommend every song sung by them (other than the gettys) so anyway... ok :)


Lil said...

i love that carrie underwood picture, she is so pretty

bekah maka said...

yess! totally :)

Sarah said...

it's cool that you notice the photography in music albums! i like doing that too. :D

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