Sunday, February 6, 2011


so my dream is to one day photo shoot a wedding.

my inspiration is mainly kristen leigh (my old babysitter!!!)

another photographer i follow is a guy in california (i think?)- brandon kidd... he is an awseome christan dued :) love his style of photography

and lydia :) this is my fa. wedding she's done...

thanks for the inspiration!! :)

pictures on the next post.. promise :D


A Thousand Words... said...

you're shooting mine :] <3 haha

Sarah said...

i would have you shoot my wedding, but your going to be a bridesmaid so... :D that's awesome that you want to do a wedding! from what ellie's done they look fun to shoot! :D

bekah maka said...

awwww.... i'm touched!!!! yaya :D

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