Saturday, March 12, 2011

favorite food (giveaway post 3)

so this last giveaway post is on favorite food. muahaha!! 
if you don't know me too well, then you should know this right now; i loooove food. my life revolves around food. (well, sorta) :D

so. here we go. 
favorite foods-

1. Candy

ok hahaha this is obvious, i guess. :D

2. i love making food. 

i dream about pancakes. really. 
this brings me to a story. 
hannah told me this story. she told me because i was asleep when it happened.
but i am the main character. 
ok :D
it was really late at night and hannah was still awake. 
then she heard a noise. 
"rebekah? is that you?"
"pancakes, pleeaasee!" 
i was talking in my sleep. 
the end. 


and cookies (NOT oatmeal.) :) 

3. NOODLES!!!!!

my family calls me the noodle queen. 
i can eat noodles with everything. 
noodles is it's own food group.

so daddy found this place in baltimore... 

it is #1 on the place i want to go. 

comment and tell me your favorite food!!! 
and don't forget, to get your name in the hat extra, you need to-

*put a link to my blog on your buzz, blog, or status message, or whatever!!! (tell me if you do)
* comment on all the posts!!! (the instructions doesn't count) sorry. :(

yaya the winner will be announced on Monday!!


Elisabeth said...

Bekah, YOU.CRACK.ME.UP!!! ;)

You told me yesterday that candy doesn't count, but it seems that it does? If it counts, my favorite food is totally candy!! Somebody told me once that I'm always talking about candy. :D Chocolate Skittles, haha... ;)

But my favorite undisputed food is PUMPKIN PIE!!! It ROCKS!! Oh my, yummy... I want some right now. And Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie ice cream. Sooooo gooood!! :D

And I like pizza. Haha, long comment again! What's wrong with me??? :D

hannah joy said...

does that count as a comment?
you and your noodles.
ohhh. and my favorite food...
chili and pizza and chocolate.
so make them for meeee sometime.
oh and I got the first comment.
this was a score.

Mary said...

I loooooove ice cream! (Especially mint chocolate chip.) Also, I like anything chocolate, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

Elisabeth said...

Oh my, Hannah, we both commented at the exact same time!! Haha, should we call it a tie for first comment? ;)

Patrick said...

i already put it on my that counts as an extra time in the hat...and my FAVORITE FOOD cream. well, thats favorite favorite REAL food (like dinner food) is spaghetti (with NO sauce)...

Carrie said...

Oh wow. This might take awhile. :)
I like calamari and shrimp and salmon and crabcakes.
And burritos and taquitos and floutas and nachos.
And lasagna and fettucine alfredo and pizza.
And Indian food and this Indonesian dish called Rendang.
And cheeseburgers and fries and baked potatoes and some kinds of macaroni and cheese.
And of course ice cream and chocolate and all that. :)
Done now. Great post, Bekah! I love food too!

Wikner Family said...

hahahahahahaa, my favorite food is mashed potatoes! they are the best. :D

Anna L. said... cream. pasta primavera. more milk. oranges. chocolate. more milk. sourcraut. potatoes. grilled chicken. salad. milk.

...and anything my mom makes. My niece was turning three and we were going to celebrate at our house, but my sister was cooking instead of my mom. So my sister asked my niece, "what do you want for your birthday dinner?" and she responded, "Oh, anything grandma makes is good." When my sister informed her that grandma wasn't going to make it but mommy was she started to cry and said "but I want GRANDMA'S food!"

Oh, and I followed your blog...but i selected "follow privately" so i'm not sure if you got a notification or not.

Sarah said...

hello. i LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE oranges. the end.

:D it was too bad that you moved to another room today. i was playing with all the kids and the two adults were kinda sittin' around. :D oh well.

-sarah :)

Sarah said...

oh and the pancake dream you had is quite funny. HAHAHA :D :D

Emily said...

bread, biscuits, hashbrowns, french fries, venison (Bambi) burgers, pizza, anything chocolate and/or peanut butter.

A Thousand Words... said...

anything chocolate...
simply said :]

Hannah B. said...

Haha I love cooking or baking ANYTHIIIINNNG!!! so much fun... chocolate is a favorite...Lindt though. i don't like Hershey as much...although, when I get a craving, anything works!!

Becca Depp said...

oh myyy my favorite foood is noodles too with lots of butterr and cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh I love noodles and company too!!!!!!! :D

i also love a bunch of other stuff but its hard to remember...:)

Becca Depp said...

oh and yes my favorite thing to eat in THE WHOLE WORLD IS the really really good chicken and rice and like saucy spircy dish from saudia arabia that my aunt made when she came to visit :) it is sooooooooo good! :O

jordan said...

cooool pic the cookies look goooooooooood

jordan said...

It is ice cream

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