Tuesday, March 8, 2011

favorite people (giveaway post 1)

so these next three posts will be the giveaway posts... and they will be random. there. i warned you. :D

my favorite people.
- my family

they rock. soooo cooool. :D

favorite actor

-liam neeson!!!!!!!!

how can he be sooooo awesome!!! :) looove him
hannah tells me every day he is like 60. i don't care.. hahaha

favorite photographers

they are my inspiration :)

So who are your favorite people?  actors, photographers, cousins, bbfs... anything :)

comment away, and you could win a $10 starbucks gift card :)


chichi said...

ahh!! first comment :D :D

hmm fave actress is prollyyy audrey hepburn or something hehe anddd fave singers jb and taylor swift :) :)

heh fave photographers youuu and elise and a gajillion other ppl :)

Elisabeth said...

Haha, you make me laugh, Bekah. I should have known that Liam Neeson was going to be incorporated into a post somehow!! ;)

My favorite people are my family. And my friends. (Love you! :D) And people I like that I don't know (as in actors, although I don't have a favorite actor, only favorite movie characters) would be my favorite NASCAR drivers: Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, Joey Logano... I could go on longer with the driver thing, but this post is getting kinda long... :D

I love this giveaway! ;)

Carrie said...

Haha I love the second family pic. :) You guys are so great.

My favorite people would be my family and my friends. :)

Favorite photographers would be Megan Russell and Peter Bang, and favorite graphic designers (had to throw that in)... probably Matthew Wahl and Camila Drozd.

Emily said...

Favorite people: Family and friends.

Favorite cousins: my 8-year-old cousin/honorary little brother Damon.

hannah joy said...

Commenting seems pointless, since you know all my answers... :) I like yoouuuuu!

A Thousand Words... said...

Hannah!! funny :]

hmmm....my fave people are my "churchies" as we call ourselves...others just call us youth group friends :]

Mary said...

Bekah, you crack me up every time you mention your obsession with Liam Neeson!!! :D But my fav people are definetely my family and friends. Love the pics of your family!

jordan said...

he has big head jkjkjkjkj

Sarah said...

i don't know if this comment counts b/c you posted this yesterday, but i'm commenting anyway. :D my favorite people are my family!!!!! :D

Patrick said...

my fav people are my family and friends (obviously)...

favorite actor. hmmm...i'm not really sure...OHHHH of course! JULIAN SMITH!!!!!!! :D

and favorite photographers are you and nat somerville...s

so yeah! i'm like in the hat 5 times now, right? :P

Hannah B. said...

Oh haha I love Julian Smith! Hi Bekah. I found your blog through Carrie's website. I thought i'd enter. I'am a friend of Ellie and Sarah, but I don't think you know me personally. I like Kristen's photography a lot too! But I've gotta say my favorite photographer is Ellie hehe. I love her work and she's my friend too!

Anna L. said...

My nieces and nephew are definitely up there--I love having special friendships with each of them, even though they are 3 and under!

Wikner Family said...

My family and friends definitely :)

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