Thursday, March 10, 2011

favorite place(es) (giveaway post 2)

hello wonderful readers!!!!

we hit a record during this giveaway- 13 comments in one post!! yaya so exciting :D

ok so this post is on my favorite place. now notice,  i've never been out of the US. and i've never flown on a plane. i've been from florida to ny, from md to tennessee. sooo not very far. haha

BUT i do have some fav. places.

1. SIESTA KEEEEEYY! (to you, hannah) ;)

yes. this is the best place ever!! (it's bold, italic, and underlined. get that) :D

ok so take a look at these pics

blue wattttererr!

yesss, if you can't read, that pics above says the water is 83ยบ... ahem. 

2. Disney World

ok so i loooove florida :)

"were dreams come true." 
my dreams came true :) ahhhhhh...haha :D exaggeration 

3.  my grandma and grandpa's 

haha now this one is NOT in FL, actually it's in NJ, (it's the opposite direction, to you homeschoolers) ;)

so this is a picture of... their door. :D

this is my wonderful grandparents... i loooove them to death. (welll, actually, let's hope not) ;)

this is their awesome hot tub in the deck... so cool. 
(don't you love abigail's glasses?) :D

and to top it all off, they have a mountain in their backyard. and this is kinda a bad pic, because i am higher than ground level, so the mountain is really bigger. promise.

OK!!!!!!! looong post!!!
next post is coming soon. 

and i spent a looong time writing, so read the whole post. PRETTY PLEASE!!!! 


Elisabeth said...

My favorite place is totally the Outer Banks!! We stay in the same house every year... it's pretty awesome. I love that it isn't crowded or anything... and that I've never seen a jellyfish in my life. :D And I've never been to FL, but I reeeeally want to experience 83 degree water, haha!!

We have some friends in SC that had a really awesome house with woods all around. They moved, but their old house was one of my favorite places. We'd just go off and run around in the woods all day long. :D

And another really cool place I've been is Hendrick Motorsports. And Lowe's Motor Speedway, both in Charlotte. It was so cooooool!! Even though I didn't go to a race at the track. :D

Do places you really like that you've never been to count?? Because for some weird reason, I really want to go to a race in Phoenix... the desert!! With all the cactuses and stuff and a big hill/mountain that overlooks the track... people sit up there and watch the race without having to pay because they're not technically there!! :D I want to do that sometime. Haha, I read your whole long post and gave you a long comment to match. ;)

Carrie said...

My favorite places...

The south. Pretty much anywhere from like North Carolina on down the east coast. I love the accents and the warm weather and the fried chicken and the general atmosphere. :)

I also like Disney World and the Outer Banks (which are in the south!!). And church and home. :)

Emily said...

Favorite places:

1. the beach
2. my bed
3. church
4. Home
5. library
6. Corning, NY
7. hugging someone

Mary said...

My favorite place is totally the Outer Banks! I looove the beach! But I like home too.

A Thousand Words... said...

my fave place is...ALASKA! well...ive never been...but im working on it! its sooooo naturally beautiful and serene...and for a winter girl, the weather's great!!

bekah maka said...

haha i know, rachel!!!

and elisabeth... um.. well, just so you. haha. :D

and i do love church... i just didn't have any pics of it... haha

chichi said...

ahhh i really really really really really really really (etc.) wanna go to disney world!!! ahh!!! but im the youngest so i havent been yet... hopefully on my honeymoon ;) hehehe andddd hahha emily i <3 my bed too (so so much) and i love the beach and this place called camel beach, its a water park and its amazing haha :D

Patrick said...


Anyways, my favorite places are:

1. Kansas City. I loooooove going there and visiting all my cousins and grandparents. Such a cool place.
2. New York!!!!!!! I LOVE NY so much that those "I <3 NY" shirts are understatements for me. I've probably been there like 30 times (ok, maybe not that many, but i've been there a lot!).

So yeah.

Sarah said...

i want to go to floridaaaaaaaa!! actually i have been but i don't remember it because i was like 1.5 years old. :P some of my favorite places are:

1. My grandparents' cottage in Canada (HA, out of the country :P)
2. The Grand Canyon! :)
3. Great Wolf Lodge

Oh and I loveee your grandparents by the way. :D that was an awesome time at the beach with you all. :D :D :D now you've run away to FL and deserted us. :D hahaa actually we don't go to OBX anymore... :D

:) -sarah

Wikner Family said...

Haha, Bekah, you make me laugh :D My favorite place is Australia!!!!

Anna L. said...

I love new england and I traveled to La Paz, Bolivia once--it was beautiful. I also would love to visit Wales.

Hannah B. said...

Haha my favorite place is Acadia, ME. I also like the White Mountain National Forest, NH. :) Gettysburg, PA is cool too. I like Williamsburg as well!

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