Monday, March 7, 2011

giveaway- Instructions

OK!!! i have decided to do the contest!!!! (hence the title of the post) :D

so here are the detail of the contest-

*comment on the 3 post i will do till i announce the winner next monday 
*follow my blog
*put a link of my blog on your blog or status or buzz or whatever... :)

if you do all these you will have your name 5 times in the "hat".  if you comment twice in one post, you don't get any extra credit. sorry :( and i you are already following, you get your name in the hat too.

on monday next week i will put all the names in the hat however many times you commented, if you followed... etc.

and the prize is....

a ten dollar gift card to Starbucks!!!

so tell your friends and get ready for a fun giveaway!! :) if you have any questions, comment  and ask!!!


A Thousand Words... said...


Sarah said...


i am commenting.
i followed your blog before you announced this giveaway. :)
i am about to put your blog on my gmail status.


Patrick said...

ditto to sarah.

i'm on it.

Wikner Family said...

Awesome Bekah ;)

Sarah said...

Hey I looooooove love love your cute little bloggie ;D Ha Ha Ha

Post lots!!!!!!! <3
Liza :)

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