Monday, May 16, 2011

bubbles and pretty light

this one doesn't need much words. (much words?? what kinda grammar is that??) whatever. 

opinions and suggestions welcome as always!


Anna L. said...

I love the plays on the colors--the pink tones in the first two and the hazy aqua in the others. so pretty. is there any way to get a crisp focus on the bubbles themselves?

Sarah said...

2nd to last one is really pretty! so vintage looking! And I noticed you are playing with your watermark! All of your ideas are really cool! Have you thought about asking Carrie to come up with something? (This is not in any way implying that your watermarks are bad! Just a suggestion :)

Mary said...

I love how sharp your depth of field is. You have it exactly right to capture what you want. I think the first one might have been a bit more effective if the bubbles were sharp as well, to put more emphasis on them, but I also really like your feel! The second one is just brilliant - there are like two bubbles perfectly in focus and you can just make out the others. Beautiful shooting as always!

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