Saturday, May 7, 2011

hannah+ pickup (vintage shoot)

we have the best friends. 
one of them has a cool pickup.
like really cool.
so they said we could use it for picture taking.
it was a beau-ti-us thing.
and i even had a model ;)

and come details... sooo vintage. 

the editing is kinds different.... tell me what you think!!!!! 

*(please email me at if you want a portrait session!)*


Sarah said...

Love! The editing on the detail shots is amazing!

A Thousand Words... said...

beautiful truck and beautiful model! haha...great job!

Mary said...

Wow. You have editing skillz. And I only give skillz with a z to people who actually have them. :D

I must admit, the fourth one has this look that you often get with portraits taken from below. Very bold and head-on. I think it's neat that you achieved that look mixed in with the other shots that have a completely different feel!

Anna L. said...

I love the editing on the third one! It looks so old school! awesome!

Nemmy said...

Hi! You may not know me and I may not know you, but we have one thing in common. We're both teen Christian photographers! I may not be as far advanced as you, but I'm getting there! It's soooo inspiring to see someone my age, doing so much in photography! I hope you keep going!

What kind of camera are you using??

bekah maka said...

wow, nemmy, i never responded and told you what kind of camera i have :)

its a nikon D40, with a 50mm 1.4 lens. loove that lens.

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