Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers (i heart faces)

so you may remember a wedding I was in last July. 
one of the flower girls was the niece of the bride. 
and she was an adorable raven-head 3 year-old.
welll, she had fun during the whole ceremony running from her dad to her mom.
 each on the opposite side of the bride groom. 
haha it was cute. 
well then her mom did the cutest thing
take a look.

and i love how she is pregnant too. :)

they are adorable. 
so sweeett


Mary said...

That. Is. ADORABLE!!! Great in-the-moment shooting. :D

I had a thought. Which is that I checked your prices page, and you don't have a price for portrait sessions! And since you're always posting about portrait sessions that might be good to include. :) I will say that I'm tentatively thinking about getting one, what with all this lovely weather we've been having, but I'm not sure.

Mindy said...


LenzLove said...

Could not be more perfect!

Pink Shoes Photography said...

love!!! So sweet

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