Friday, May 20, 2011

my life in pictures (raw and unedited)

the first thing i see when i get up in the morning is my huge bulletin board. with my friends lovley faces on it.

right for the food (hot tea or ice tea works) 

a salad for lunch with a lot of junk on it!! oh yes ;)

then the ipod while i do science or math

then viola practice time

then it's prob time to go and babysit or hang with friends or go to comp. class... can't leave without sunglasses. 
they are my obsession. :D

and at some point and awesome self-portraite time. :) haha don't blame me, i have no one els to take pics of.. .:D hehe


Sarah said...

I like this post! And your sunglasses! :D

Rebecca D. said...

ahh cute! Love the buliton boardd ;D

Mary said...

croutons aren't junk! ...are they?

Mary said...

you need to post more :D

Wikner Family said...

i see my picture on your board! lol wow i was really tiny then haha :P anyway we need to hang out!! i miss you! (: -abbie

bekah grace photography said...

i know abbie!! i'll invite you over soon... haha :)

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