Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Pretty Girls (Portraits)

this is carrie. :)

she is a beautiful, sweet girl.
on saturday, she got all dressed up and went to a wonderful evening at church. it was kinda a modified version of prom.  :) haha get me?
soo she emailed me a couple days before and asked me to take pics of her, and i joyously said "yessss!!"

annnd this is ellie... beautiful girl :D
she went to the banquet (prom) as well. 
she looked like a princess. 
floor-length pink ruffled dress, with silver heels. so cute. 

this might be the first black-and-white i have put on my blog! i loove it. 

give me hits :) as always.


Sarah said...

LOVE THEM!!! The color is so beautiful!!! Love the b/w one of Ellieeeee. :)

Anonymous said...

These are great - thanks SO much for posting them! ~Janet Crow

Anna L. said...

these are some of my favorite pictures that I have seen on your blog so far--they are BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful colors and composition (and of course, models ;)

I love how you framed them with the dogwood over the top of the photo. they are lovely.

Mary said...

I love how Carrie looks like something straight out of a Jane Austen novel!! And you did a great job of capturing that. Having her standing on the line between blacktop and grass adds definition to the picture. Muy bueno.

Sort of sad you didn't include the silver heels you said you liked in your portraits, but whatever. :) I really like Ellie's hair and the intricate lacework on her sweater. Great overall color composition with the ones of Ellie too.

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