Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm here... really ;)

hello readers!!!

ok! i am alive! :D life is busy and hectic and wonderful.  we got back form vacation two weeks ago and i haven't had a spare moment since. really. trust me.

we had an awesome vacation in FL. we went surfing, saw manatees, and ate a lot of ice cream. we laughed and had an awesome time just us as a family.

now that we're back, i've had one thing after another. mostly in the house organizing and rearranging. we had a couple move into our basement (which is super duper fun).

and i have some new obsessions.  first, i didn't realize i loved the book of psalms so much. it is wonderful. david is my hero. :) also, Haley Reinheart, (http://www.americanidol.com/)  i. love. her!!! she has an amazing voice. i've listened to mostly the song Bennie and the Jets. look it up on grooveshark.  really, do it. and if you have time, listen to lauren alaina, too, (Like My Mother Does).

OK, just one more little obsession. anyone ever heard of the Hunger Games???!!! ohyesyesyes! i read the first one on vacation, the second one i am reading right now. i absolutely love them. but just a side note, ask your mom and dad before you read them. they are really violent and kinda scary (that's what makes them good) haha. leave a comment and tell me if you've read them. :D and also, is anyone on goodreads? :)

man. i am done. but i've got to leave you with this amazing pic from florida.

 i'll post more pics soon, promise.


A Thousand Words... said...

loveloveLOVE hunger games!! not a fan of the third one, though..i had to read them for school! how awesome is that!

Sarah said...

never read the hunger games, but i LOVE the "a life of faith" books... i've read a couple of the elsie dismore ones. they are awesome.

oh and tell abigaillll HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! from me. :)

Mary said...

ehhh...I read Catching Fire, and though I was very impressed with the quality of writing, the topic was gross. In the most literal sense of the word. Even though they're beyond doubt fine books, I don't think they're very edifying or encouraging to read. So. That's my two cents.

I'm reading C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity right now. It is amazing!! And it makes so much sense, too. Fun stuff for a debater. :D

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