Saturday, July 30, 2011


so i joined instagram a few weeks ago and love it.  if you have never heard of it, its a photo editing system for the ipod and ipad. 

if you want to follow me, search- bekahgracem on instagram. 

here are a few samples of mine-

if you have an instagram, comment and tell me your username! i would love to follow you :)


Sarah said...

I love the rainbow one! looks like a cool program!

Anonymous said...

Hey bekah! I do to, thanks for sharing. my username is beccahorse1 =)


Alexa said...

Three things:

1. I found you on instagram a couple of days ago by chance...I wasn't really looking for you, just sort of found you by accident. (My username is easttowest, by the way)

2. I love your blog and your photography!

3. You should check out my blog:

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