Thursday, August 11, 2011


so lately i have made a few promises of pics i would post to update friends on well, myself. :)

so the first one back in may i said to my cousin that i would post a pic of my TOMs i got in FL.

this is a kinda lame pic but it is the best i have :D

then i said i would post a pic of my new hair cut-

first curly

and then straight :)

ok... then just a side note. 
an exciting side note. ya!
i have like three photo shoots coming up (hopefully) soon. they haven't been finalized yet... pray!

second. i am second shooting a wedding super soon!!! yessss!!! very excited. :)

and a personal side note. 
worthy '11. pray for us going that we would grow in the LORD and have wonderful fellowship with the other youth, and my parents.  i am really really excited for this!! :) 

ok thank you to my faithful people who read my blog :) 

see ya


Sarah said...

you are beautiful dear :) and um wow you are shooting a wedding?!?! who are you shooting with?

bekah grace photos said...

haha I think with ellie and kristen :)

Mary said...

I love the haircut! Stunning!

and high-five for the photoshoots and the wedding! whose wedding is it? (are you allowed to say?)

chichi said...

ahh bekah i absolutely looove your haircut<3 :) thanks for posting it yaya

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