Thursday, September 29, 2011

evelyn and richard ~backyard wedding~

ok i'm alive!! really (ahem, patchie)
ok now i get to show you the pictures i took at the wedding!!

first kiss- awww!! 

such pretty lighting...

and then the pics from my special little job- photo booth!!!

ok, something els exciting.
guess what it is. 
you'll never guess. 
i'm shooting another wedding!! except this time i'm not in charge of the photo booth- i actually get to take pics of the bride and groom after the ceremony!! yayayaya (thanks kristen :)

comment! just cause they make me happy :) but say something nice ;)


Sarah said...

ohhh yay i am SOSOSOSO genuinely excited for you, girl!!! hurrah! :D do you like weddings better than like families and stuff?

Patrick said...

you are alive!!!!!! lol

Mary said...

something nice :D

wow neat photos! and i love her veil...longer than her post again soon!

A Thousand Words... said...

these are great!! im so happy for you!!! <3

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