Monday, September 5, 2011

worthy '11

hey ya'll!
so remember how i asked you to pray for the youth camp we do every year at my church? well, i thought that i should at least post some pics of the awesome time we had at North Bay. :)

this is me with my senior and freshie friends (ellie here adopted us) :)

(sorry this one is fuzzy)
so this is kinda a weird story... this was the part of the retreat when they say (literally) "ok guys, to the games today don't wear clothes that you want to wear again." and its a good thing we didn't. 'cause we ended up with 3 big trash cans full of green paint, that i was supposed to throw at other people. ok, fun times, right??

and that is not blood running down mom's face :)

our awesome care (connect) group :) 
we are stinking so cool

me, mom and hannah :) <3

there it is! 

oh and just a side note... these were all taken on dad's iphone. not my camera. :) ok


Mary said...

Congratulations for posting after nearly a month of me being sad because there weren't any funny pictures up! You should totally save the picture of your mom with red paint all over her face for some useful purpose years into the future...

Patrick said...

nice are there any new posts coming soon? haha just wondering ;)

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