Thursday, October 20, 2011

tips on great photos (part one)

ok so recently i got an email from an old friend, and she asked if i had any tips on photography. well, actually, i do. :)

1. Lighting.
lighting is everything. i love natural light, flare, and soft light.

ok, pic number 1
love where the shadows are, and the light is perfect on her face.  (and her expression is priceless) :D

pic number 2-
this may be my favorite pic ever. of all time. :)))
love the soft light, buts its shining right on them. ahhhh

picture #3
ok, so pretty. love this. rain drops, and nice contrast. (not edited)

picture number 4
soft again. :)

ok, and this one has a little kick. likeyyy
see where the light is coming from??

part two coming up!


Sarah said...

this is a cool idea! :) aww, i love pic #2 :) very nice. and i am very much amazed that the tulip picture was not edited. we have an ultra-talented photographer on our hands. :D

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