Friday, November 18, 2011

elisabeth :)

so last week (just before i went to nj) i did a fun little photo shoot with some friends...

here is lizzy babe. ;)

she is basically the prettiest girl ever... gosh :D

i whip my hair back and forth/
i whip my hair back and forth/

hello there gorgeous :)

ok, and the leaves were awesomely per-fect too. :)

love ya girl :)



A Thousand Words... said...

great pics!!! and i love the new blog header!

Carrie said...

nice lighting in all of these! i really like the first one.

sarah b said...

wonderful pictures, bekah!!!! they are beautiful... and some of your best portraits, I think. :) and the new blog design is great! love that header!!! :) <3

Lil said...

great pictures bekah! I love the websites new look :)

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