Tuesday, November 22, 2011


ok, sense it is thanksgiving week, i want to list 7 things i'm thankful for, in pics :) (don't ask why i picked 7, i just did.) :D

1. hamburgers. i couldn't live without them. 

2. the beach. i looove the beach. at sunset- even better. 

3. my family. love them. to death. :)

4. my bible. unchangeable forever. 
5. tea. the best source of caffeine ever. 

6. my camera!! my little baby ;)

7. my friends. who are the best! (if you aren't in this pic, don't be angry! still <3 you!) haha ;)


sarah b said...

haha yay i don't have to be angry cuz im in the pic!!! :P :) love this post. and the random number 7 is just awesome. :) happy thanksgiving girl!

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