Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 to 2012

I can't believe it. Really. Seriously. Today is the last day of 2011.

I had many things I wanted to do in 2011. Here is a list I made in my diary.

1. photo shoot a wedding.
2. photo shoot an in looove couple
3. help in miss dieble's second grade class (the problem is, when?
4. go out of the USA
5. win a photo competition
6. read 12 spiritual books
7. finish writing the book i started
8. meet shannon hale?? :)
9. Eat better.
10. Read the bible in a year.

Ok, so basically, I did #1 (hoot!!) and #7. That is it. Don't get too depressed here people. ;)

This year... Well I don't know yet. I know I want to do more wedding ( lord willing) and more photo shoots in general. I want to run more (I ran 3x this week!!) I want to read my bible more. You know how you make excuses like "I don't have time" or " I don't need to today" ?? Just by saying that I know I need it all the more :)

I did do some things fun this year. I did a wedding (with Kristen, people!!). I played viola on a Sunday, which I have been dying to do for... well, 7 years :) I cooked more, I traveled more, I talked on the phone more, (which is one of my phobias). I made new friends, listened to more music, and got 2 violin students (yeah!!)

I know 2012 is gonna have its ups and downs, but I am really excited and ready for it :D

Have a blessed and fun 2012!!

Oh and who is staying up tonight and watching the ball drop??!! :D


sarah b said...

WOW you finished your book? (ok, I didn't know you were writing one... but now that I do I simply MUST read it). :) Good resolutions. I believe mine run along similar lines. Happy new year! :)

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