Monday, December 19, 2011

hannah (senior shoot 2)

this is the second and (maybe??) final senior shoot with hannah.
this one is more victorian/ vouge. 

enjoy! and leave a comment :)

don't you just love her dress?? 

these next few are so mystical and cozy. i like them :)

now to the train tracks :)

then right next to the tracks is a river... it was sooo pretty. the lighting was amazing.

and now you know she does smile... haha  :)

have a merry christmas! see you next year ;)

leave a comment!!!! :)


Carrie said...

these are all great but i've got to say the last one is my favorite. it was like, wow, these are gorgeous but where's the happy hannah?? :)

sarah b said...

I LOVE the close up one near the middle, and the last one!!!!! WOW!!!!! Some of your best, I think, bekah. Great job. :D

Lil said...

i love one where she's lying on ground and the last one!great job bekah!

rebekah maka said...

thanks all :)

haha carrie, i know, mom said the same thing :)
and lil, i love the one of here lying on the ground, too. maybe my fav :)
and sarah, thank yoouuuu ;)

Kianna Rose said...

I love all of these shots. They are AMAZING!

Your instagram photos are wonderful as well!

Kianna Rose

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