Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sarah {Natural Light Photography}

this is sarah. you've seen her here before.

this is a very different kind of photo shoot. 
for one, me and sarah just talked and i took pics. real low key, and really fun.
also, i was really obsessed with sarah's sweater. it is sooo awesome! i think i might have more pics of her sweater than her face... haha ;)

and her hair. sooo jealous. 

her sweater!!! see...?? its super cool. :)

thats wind. i promise. :)

here it is again. 


and one last time. :D

hope you had an awesome christmas... 

happy new year!


Mary said...

and there's sweaters, and toms, and freckles, and windy hair...i see why you like this :D

sarah b said...

yay thanks so much beks!!!! that was really fun!!!!

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