Monday, March 26, 2012

ACTs | a production

hello people!! 

so these past few month i have been at over a 100 hours of practices for a play my church is putting on (I'm a production person or something) ;) it is based on a book of the bible; acts. it was so great to see the cast rock it last weekend, and we have three more showings this weekend!! come on out friday at 7:30, and saturday at 12 and 7:30. !!

and that is why, my friends, i haven't posted in like a month. ok. :)

comment if you've seen it! :) 



sarah b said...

hey! i know that play!!! what a great play.

oh right im in it.


and i believe the correct term for your office is "assistant stage manager." :) i could be wrong though.

sarah b said...

:D :D I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT PLAY!!!!!!!!!! Been to it 4 times......whatcha gonna do...;)
<3 -- Eliza

elisabeth said...

i've seen it 3 times already and it's uuhhh-maazzzzing!! everyone did awesome!! :D

mary h said...

Ditto Eliza....I've seen it four times, and LOVE it so much!!!! Can't wait until next weekend! :D

Mary said...

way beyond seeing it, I'm what-the-heck making a movie of it!! yay!

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