Monday, April 9, 2012

Noelle and Jenna | Senior Friends Shoot

meet noelle. a dark beauty (she kinda reminds me of belle from beauty and the beast). she's smart, athletic, and laughs a tonnnn. :)

meet jenna. she's a blonde (but definitely not blonde).  she's fashionable, athletic as well, and 
ms. photogenic.

i decided to make the shoot pretty laid back by just taking a walk through the woods. talking, walking, and each time i asked them just to stop and look at each other, they started laughing. pretty much for no reason. :D 

her. eyes. prettttyyyy.

don't they to totally look like fairies?? :) 

put on that serious model face (:

so glad i got to take pictures of you two! it was so much fun :)


ellie said...

AHH MY FAVORITE GIRLIES. i love you. and bekah these pictures are beautiful! :) <3

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