Monday, May 7, 2012

The Crow Family

meet aunt janet and mr. tom.

this was a very homey session and meant a lot to mr. tom. 
every christmas mr. tom's family would get their christmas picture taken by the fireplace. so christmas 2011 aunt janet asked me to take their family picture by the fireplace. tradition, tradition! (if you didn't get it, that was fiddler on the roof). ;)

they were so natural and cute :)

ok, and just a couple of their fun doggies :) 

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sarah b said...

just lovely, bekah. :) love these so much!!!! i like all of them, but the last one is suuuper pretty. :)

Mary Blendermann said...

firstly, kudos to you for successfully quoting fiddler. I saw it, got it and then was like "oh wait she did tell me this morning she did that on her blog..."

secondly. all the pictures are wonderful. but like sarah i was like meh...okay...nice...WHAT THE SWEARING CUSS!!!! (that's fantastic mr. fox, haha) the last one is so beautiful. maybe when (if) we have our shoot I'll bring Cali and we can get some of her like that :D

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