Thursday, June 14, 2012

majesty | summer thoughts

hello there :) 
so summer is upon us, and life is picking up for me. i have a kids camp i'm taking pictures at, then vacation, then i am going to second shoot a wedding in SC. then another outreach camp. then to wrap up my "sophomore" summer i have the youth retreat. :D fun fun fun. 

also, a few weeks ago i started reading discipline of grace by jerry bridges. it is so amazing to see God work through that book to make me see more an more that my awareness of God's grace doesn't change the reality that his grace always exists.

also, i have more exciting news coming. haha but i'm not gonna tell you. ;) buuuut it is so exciting. gahhh i cant wait.

what are you doing this summer?


sarah b said...

Exciting news?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Exciting news?? Can't wait to hear!
- Aunt Janet

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