Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birdie | Close-Up Photography

when i was 10 and first started to like photography, i used to sit on my front porch in the freezing cold, point and shoot in hand, and wait for birds to come flocking to the bird feeder. i was stock still and about froze my butt off. 

these pictures below came all by accident, not planned. and defiantly not by me sitting on the front porch in 20 degree weather.  it was what my family calls me "taking pictures of salt shakers". (yes, i did that once.) :) i  almost always have my camera with me. and i always seem to be taking pics, and my dad always questions. he also loves it when i turn the camera side ways. NOT. ;)

i am a terrible writer, but that story just had to go along with these four photos. 

happy tuesday :)


sarah b said...

ahhh!!!! i just about died and went to heaven. that last picture is so cute!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Very cool - he reminds me of our quail chicks!
- Aunt Janet

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