Tuesday, August 14, 2012

photography crush | a story

on Thursday night, one of my old babysitters and favorite photographers kristen, was married (finally!!!) to a charming country boy. it was an adorable, fun, and very personal wedding. she invited and had a special table for her middle school basketball team, and there were many, many kids in the bridal party. she looked like a princess, and mamas cried. I'll never forget it, for multiple reasons.

I have a lot of favorite photographers, including Lydia Jane Photography, Ica Images, Michelle Moore, and, of course Kristen Leigh Photography. But one blog I love not just for her picture (which are perfect, literally,) but also because she puts personal stories in her blog. Jamie Delaine Photography (look her up. Now. She is so good.)
So, anyway, I was at this wedding and just chilling out, when Jamie walks by. 'OMG. I think I just had a heart attack. Wahhhhhtttt is this???!!!!' it was like the equivalent of a Bieleber seeing Justin. we'll maybe not quite, but almost, (I just didn't cry and scream reallllly shrill.) ;) . So after that shocker I'm walking around a couple minutes later and Ica walks by with her fiancée. Dieeeeee. I just stand there star struck for a while. Ok, then life goes on while I watch the ceremony (and all the adorable kids). :D
Later that night I'm hanging out with Ellie (another amazing photographer and friend). We are just taking when Jamie walks up and is like, "oh hi Ellie!!   It's so nice to see a familiar face!". I think I had like a hot flash, and I'm sure my face went red. she talks with her for a minute, and then is like "oh, what's your name?" I don't actually remember what I said, but we shook hands. She was so sweet and we just talked for like 6 or 7 minutes. then Ellie asked for a picture with her. I was like IM DOING THAT TOOOOO!!!!! and I did.

so that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :) and I have the pic to prove it.



sarah b said...


sorry, i don't know why i find this so comical. :) it's awesome that you got to meet jamie delaine!

ellie said she felt like that when ica and jamie said hi to her; it's funny that you both had similar experiences, haha.

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