Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lynn | Teen Portraits

meet lynn :)

she is super sweet, loves the Lord, and is (one) of my besties!! :)
love you girl!

you are just gorgeous, lynn. 

leave some love!


arianna marie said...

so pretty! i love them. the necklace and boots are super cute.

hannah joy said...

she is so gorgeous :)

sarah b said...

golly, lynn save some of the gorgeousness for the rest of us!!!!! haha <3 you.

bekah these are absolutely amazing. love them. :)

ALSO. I miss you. extremely much. photo shoot? pleeeeease andthankyou.

Mary Blendermann said...

I'm lovin it! :D

Anonymous said...

gahh! so cute! love it! XD

- Eliza <3

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