Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The H Family + Senior Portraits

i love my returning clients. :)

H family, you seriously made this the easiest photo shoot ever. you all are naturals. :)

mr. H- "man, if this is what i get to do on photoshoots, i would do this every day." ;)
they are the cutest. 

mrs. H also asked me to take some individuals of Nate, since he is a 2013 senior. :) 

contact me if you would like a family photo shoot or your senior portraits!

leave some love!! 


Arianna said...

wow! that last photo looks almost exactly like one I took on a senior shoot.. weird!

good job! :)

Mary Blendermann said...

they look great. excellent work! also I was was reading this and then finished the post and scrolled down and saw "sneak peek...coming soon" (which I hadn't seen before) and I was like oh. well. guess they're here then.

sarah b said...

these are wonderful, bekah. some of the best you've ever taken. :)

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