Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ellie | Urban Portraits

{first things first. 
this is my 101st post!! :)
yaya. ok, now onto the pics. :)}

this was probably one of my best photo shoots so far. im really proud :) 

ellie is such an easy, sweet and natural model, plus has the greatest posing ideas and is a super photographer herself. double win baby. 

so a little back story to this location.
me and ellie decided that photographers should always be pushing themselves and trying out new locations and poses, etc.

well, we walk into this place that ellie has been checking out and dieing to go shoot at, an old car junk yard. 
we see there is a guy spray painting his truck. i freeze up and am like "ummmm, no way im i talking to a stranger." i have big issues with fear of man people. but ellie confidently was just like, "lets ask him." OKKKK...

and this man was the sweetest guy ever. after a minute of small talk he told us where the best cars where, and invited us to take our time and have fun taking pictures. :) 

this guy made my day :)

this old RV was the bomb. 

woahhh. keep some of the stunning stuff to yourself, ellie mama. ;)

"im flexing my muscles!!" :D

love you ellie. thanks for inspiring me :) 


Hannah Elise said...

super cute!

Lucia said...

these are so adorable..ellie you are theee cutest! :]

Olivia said...

ah, ellie is too gorgeous- i love her! oh bekah! these are bea-utiful! lovely, lovely job. and this junk yard was a perfect location. it give them a ''rustic'' look :) xoxo

Olivia said...


sarah b said...

look at all your new commenters beks :D well you deserve them. :D :D :D love these so much - definitely think they are your best!!!!!! I love the first b/w one especially. and I laughed at the part when you said you didn't want to talk to the guy but ellie was like LET'S DO IT. haha that's totallyyyyy her. :D

hannah joy said...

awesome and pwetty.

Catherine Marsh said...

Brilliant Bekah I love these :) and awesome model as well ;)

Mary Blendermann said...

Bekah - you so talented. Can I just say, you have a really good sense for how to make great lighting work with old cars. Nice. And also Ellie looks fantastic as usual, pass it on. :D

Hannah Nicole said...

awwww! these are SO good, bekah! ELLIE YOU ARE A BABE. and haha, "I have a fear of man people!" you are awesome. :) let's get together or something when I come to Maryland!! :)

rebekah maka said...

just saw your comment, and this totally made my day!! yes, me, you and ellie will definitely have to hang out when you come to MD!!! i just adore your work, (photos and graphic design) :) cannot waiiit!! :D

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