Monday, January 28, 2013

explore pinterest- food

this post is gonna be fun. 
(go to my pinterest ( to find all the links to the recipes). 

1. S'more Cupcakes. 

so good. so fun. and really yummy. just don't do what i did- melt marshmallows with butter and powdered sugar for the icing. it was a sticky, gooey, buttery mess. and did NOT look pretty. so just do hers icing recipe instead. promise me? :)

2. Crock Pot Italian Chicken Sandwiches

this was amazing. we toasted some french bread to put it on, and put mozzarella cheese and sprinkle cheese (the more cheese the better). :) a must try. and it was super durper easy. 

 3. Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

i made this for mom's birthday back in december, and it was heaven. it took many hours, and there where about 5 or 6 steps, but it was rich, chocolatey, creamy, and seriously perfect. but don't be intimated by the crazy amount of steps! 

4. Pecan Bars

if you love pecans, you will absolutely love these. they are gooey. they are sweet. and they take like 5 minutes of prep. so simple and good.

5. Apple Cider Doughnuts

(noticed the pattern of desserts here??) ;) 
these are so good. they take quite a long time, and have a lot of steps to it, but it was so worth it. i would suggest you get two other people to help you, because it is really a three person job. but do it. because they are amazing. and i really don't even like doughnuts that much. :D

6. Breakfast Health Cookies

ummm, so these where kinda a fail. the batter tasted great, but once it was cooked, it turned out to to be dry, and tasted like a banana peel. 

7. Gooey Cinnamon Roles

i love gooey things ( if you haven't noticed), and these hit the spot. so good. the only controversy in out family was the icing. some of us like it (aahheemm, me) and some didn't. they said it was overpowering the cinnamon taste. but it was a great recipie because i made it the night before, stuck it in the fridge, and the cooked it in the morning when i got up. :) oh, and also, if you do the icing, cut it in half. there was super too much. :)

let me know if you have had these, or are planning on trying any of them!! i'd love to hear which ones look like the best :D


sarah b said...

I am highly attracted to all things cinnamon, so I would love to try the last one. :)

I'd love to see pictures of what YOURS looked like if you are able to somehow share them. it would be cool to see how close yours came to the pinterest-perfect ones. haha

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