Monday, June 10, 2013

Sarah + Ace | Wedding Photography

Sarah and Andrew met for the first time at a singles picnic. Sarah's friend (Rebecca, the maid of honor) convinced Sarah to go, even though Sarah was convinced that Rebecca was just trying to set her up. It turns out that wasn't her intension, BUT it was the end result! 

Ace, the lucky gent, and Sarah, the lovely bride, where so so fun to work with and their love for each other was so evident! I couldn't have ask for anything better. Enjoy!

the first look was the cutest. ace couldn't stop smiling. 

And that, my friends, is a VERY long post. :) Have a wonderful day! 


sarah b said...

oh, bekah. wow. you're amazing. these are spectacular. :) well done!

Mary said...

Dieeeee. I love these so much! I like know nothing about photography but these are just so stunning. Your use of lighting is perf. Ect. All the way. And I LOVE the little kids! So glad you remembered to take pictures of them! :) Congratulations on shooting your first wedding!

naisang said...

Amazing Bekah!!! LOVE everything about these pictures. You captured the story of their day so well and so beautifully!!!

Eloise Kate said...

These are the cutest photos ever! Love the beauty, emotion and smiles captured in these. Awesome frames!

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