Saturday, July 13, 2013

georgia peaches | a recipe

since peaches are coming into season here in MD, i've been trying to find fun ways to cook with them and make them last as long as possible. 
a few years ago my grandma came after we got 3 bushels of peaches from the farm. obliviously we couldn't eat three bushels before they went bad, so my grandma showed me how to blanch, peel, then freeze them. 
this year when we got our peaches, (from Georgia, i must add) i went right to freezing a few dozen. they are great in smoothies and even just plain. but i have been obsessed with one ingredient banana ice cream (it is sososo good. look it up. healthy, easy and simple.) Anyway, i wanted to try a spin-off of the banana ice cream, so i came up with this recipe. i LOVE it. so refreshing and smooth. 

its more like a sherbet texture, but i love ice cream to much so i like to call it ice cream. it even has that orangey color. its so pretttyyyy. and healthy. and fast. and A.MAZ.ING.

about 2 cups peaches
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp vanilla yogurt
2 tbsp agave nectar (or more if you want it sweeter!)

1} put the peaches in a blender, and blend until it becomes kind of crumbly.
2} add the rest of the ingredients, blending for a minute or so more.
3} scoop it out and eat it!! (its more of the constancy of a sherbet). 

(don't ask me why i used a tutti frutti spoon. i just love them.) 

enjoy! if you love it, let me know! put a photo on instagram and tag me (@bekahgracem) or leave a comment! i'd love to see/hear how yours turned out! 


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