Saturday, October 12, 2013

mary | class of 2014

So this is Mary.

She's fun. Funny. Tall. Smart. 

Mary's photoshoot was pretty much an adventure. We roamed around main street in mt. airy, MD. We went to a park (more on that soon.) And mary brought the most AWESOME  shawl/sweater/poncho to wear. She's pretty famous for it in school and bible study. ;)

the park, (the one i was telling you about before), is walking distance from main street. the lighting was unbelievable

also at this park, we made a few little duck friends! they were adorable, following Mary around. Even though they were pretty cute, i kinda have a fear of ducks and geese. My grandpa likes to tell the story of the time some geese got mad at him, and then bit him pretty hard in the rear.
AHH those little ducks are not so cute now...
Anyways... the park was a fun switch of scenes from downtown, and Mary is truly a nature lover!

thank you mary for the awesome adventure!


Eliza Berry said...

love them, bekah! :D

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